April 6, 2014

SAT Mathematics Section

The SAT mathematics section of the exam is designed to evaluate the individual’s basic mathematical knowledge. This section consists of 44 multiple-choice questions and 10 fill-in questions that are related to basic arithmetic, algebra, statistics, probability, and geometry. The fill-in questions, also referred to as “grid-in” questions, require the exam-taker to solve a problem, write the answer in the appropriate blank on an answer sheet, and fill in circles on the answer key so that a scoring machine can determine if the answer is correct or incorrect.

The multiple-choice questions, as well as the fill-in or “grid-in” questions, cover a number of different subtopics. The specific topics covered include absolute value, the area of a polygon or circle, the circumference of a circle, counting techniques, exponents, factoring, integers and the characteristics of each type of integer, mean, median, mode, number theory, percents, the perimeter of a polygon, probability, proportions, quadratic equations, rational numbers, ratios, reading graphs, sequences, series, sets, simplifying equations, slope, volume, and a number of other related topics.

The exam-taker will have 70 minutes to complete the SAT mathematics section of the exam, including 25 minutes for the first set of questions, 25 minutes for the second set of questions, and 20 minutes for the third set of questions.

Mathematics Section Testing Tips