April 6, 2014

SAT Registration and Other Fees

In order to register for the SAT, the individual applying to take the exam should schedule a testing date with the College Board online through their website (www.collegeboard.com) or by mailing in the registration form. There are no eligibility requirements for taking the SAT, but individuals under the age of 13 must register by mail. It is also important to note that the SAT is not the only requirement that an individual must meet in order to enter a college program, and that individuals under the age of 18 may have difficulty meeting some of these college admission eligibility requirements.

SAT Registration and Other FeesThe SAT registration fee is currently $45, but an individual may have to pay other fees depending on the individual’s specific situation. Some of the other fees that an individual may have to pay include fees associated with rescheduling a testing date, fees associated with registering for the exam during the late registration period, and fees related to requests for additional score reports.

The fee for rescheduling a testing date is $22 as long as the individual reschedules his or her testing date at least 18 days prior to the original date on which the exam was scheduled. If the individual attempts to reschedule his or her testing date fewer than 18 days before the testing date, the individual will be required to pay the full registration fee for a second time.

If the individual registers for the exam during the late SAT registration period, the individual will be charged an initial fee of $68 for the exam, which covers the $45 registration fee and a $23 late registration fee. The $45 registration fee for the exam, as well as any other late fees or rescheduling fees, are nonrefundable.

If the individual would like the ETS to report his or her score to more than four undergraduate programs, or if the individual did not indicate which programs he or she would like the score sent to within 9 days of the exam, the fee for each additional report is $9.50.